Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Night at the Children's Shelter Charity Ball

Yesterday I felt like Cinderella. I literally started my day off cleaning and scrubbing my floor on my hands and knees. I had a burst of energy and didn't want to stop cleaning but I had to because Daniel and I had a Charity Ball to go to. Am I the only one that gets a strong urge to clean when I can't or shouldn't be cleaning?!?
Daniel recently tried out for a competition. Him and one of his friends did a duet. They were picked as one of the top 3! The top 3 was asked to sing at a charity ball where they would be judged by the audience to determine a winner.
Last year we helped with the event so I was excited to get to go this year and get to relax and watch Daniel sing.
It is fun having a chance to get dressed up once in awhile!
Daniel and I before we left

And this is my wonderful and handsome father in law who came to the event with us

The Ball was to support our states Children Shelter. The night starts off by bidding in a silent auction for stuff that has been donated by companies to help raise money for the shelter. Then there is a sit down dinner and a live auction. The rest of the night they have a band play for everyones enjoyment and for dancing.

We got to sit with the other 2 finalists and their dates. We had a great time! Funny story...we were eating and talking when someone says that it smells like a campfire. Well come to find out that one of our centerpiece candles was catching the floral arrangement on fire. Then not to long after that someone went to get some bread and a napkin lands on the candle and bursts into flames. We were frozen in shock when one of the girls thinks to throw a glass of water on it. We sure caught everyones attention!!

Here is a picture of Daniel and his friend Wade singing Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band. They did SO good!! I was so proud of them. The other two finalist were amazing too!

Every table was given an electronic remote to vote with. The thing is that the table would have to come to an agreement and get one vote per table. Well Daniel and another guy tied for first place! Then they did a second vote and Daniel and Wade ended up in second place. It was very exciting!

Here is Daniel and his dad enjoying the night

Later on in the night the band that was playing for the event asked Daniel to sing with them! They had a great time! That is him in the middle with the band. The picture is kinda dark cause I took it with my phone.

We had a wonderful night although I think it is so sad that there has to be events to raise money to help protect children from abuse. It breaks my heart how many children have to depend on shelters!! I don't understand how anyone could hurt a child.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A lovely award

I received this Lovely Blog Award from Tales of a Short Southern Momma. Thank you so much girl!! She is so sweet fun and girly. If you haven't checked her blog out yet you should go meet her!

Here are the rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award"
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I am about to run out the door and I don't have time to tag everyone so all you girls that follow me, I tag you!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The New Miss Thang!

My niece finally decided to bless me with her presence before I had to leave California. Thank goodness!! She was cutting it too close. Even though it was great getting to spend time with my sister, bil, niece, mom, and dad I just HAD to see this little thing before I left! I took this picture above with my phone when I was holding her before I left. (sniffle sniffle)

Here she is minutes after she was born. I am so thankful to my sister who let me be in the room when she delivered both my nieces. It is such a miraculous experience seeing the gift of life right before your eyes. Thank you sissy!!

Here is the proud mommy and daddy!

Me holding her for the first time!

The proud PaPa and Grandma

Big sister meeting Little sister

My last little cuddle before heading to the airport!! So sad!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I do not have much to say. I have been busy getting to spend time with this sweet little thing. My niece! And I am hoping and praying that her sweet little sister is going to bless me with her presence very soon. She has been cooking in my sisters oven for 9 months now (or should I say 10, I have never really understood the whole 9 months but 40 weeks thing. I think whoever came up with that terminology is confused). Anyway, I am just dying to get my hands on that itty bitty newborn baby.