Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Have any of you seen that show that Bill Cosby hosted, Kids Say The Darndest Things? It was hilarious and cute! I can't imagine life without kids.

I was busy cleaning and disinfecting my kitchen and Kennedy was in the hall next to me talking away. She does this a lot when she is playing so I wasn't really paying too much attention. Usually she is talking to her baby dolls. All of a sudden she comes running to me all excited..."Mommy, mommy, I have a new friend." So I get all excited back asking her who her new friend is and she says, "her name is My Other Kennedy in the Mirror." Ha! This just tickles me. So of course she wants me to come meet her new friend. So here are some pictures of her talking to her new "friend." She wanted me to talk to her friend and to her which was hilarious. And then what gets even better is at dinner she is telling her daddy and us about her new friend and says, "the girl in the mirror is a pretty girl like me." Isn't that great!

Introducing me to her friend

Showing me how they dance together

Talking to her "friend"

"See Mommy"

Still looking at her friend

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I guess I am now a statistic...

...of the H1N1/Swine Flu. I have had a horribly miserable week. Kennedy and I got sick this weekend. By Monday I was so miserable I actually went to the dr I was so bad I had to have Daniel take me to the dr. For those who know me know I don't go to the dr and also know how independent I am and how hard it was to have to have someone take me to the dr. But at that point I didn't even care if I lived through the day because I was in so much pain. So we had the dr check me and Kennedy out and sure enough it was the good ole swine flu! My family doesn't get sick very often but when we decide to get sick we sure do it all out. Today is the first day that I actually feel like I might get back to normal. Thank goodness! The medicine really helped and we were fortunate that the dr gave scripts for the whole family to help Daniel and Taylor from getting it or at least lessen it a bit for them. Daniel did get a little sick but luckily had that medicine to kick it before it got too bad. Kennedy recovered quickly with the medicine as well although she had a few miserable days without it :(

I can't believe that I am actually going to show this picture. I am totally horrified by it and would be so embarrassed if anyone came by my house right now but I am showing it because it kinda makes me happy. You probably think I am crazy but to me this picture shows me how much my family needs me and how everything falls apart when mama is out of order. Good thing that doesn't happen too often. So this is just a piece of my kitchen. Can you imagine what the rest of my house looks like!?!??? So that is my way of trying to find something positive out this nightmare of a week :)

I am thankful for my sweet Taylor who was the only one not sick and had to fend for herself this week. She made her first grilled cheese all by herself this week. (With the supervision of Daniel from a distance) We didn't want to make her food because we didn't want to pass the germs to her. Well as you see I have a lot to do with my house but I think it will be just fine for a little while longer while I relax and catch up with my computer.
Here is a link with info about the swine flu from the CDC
I am happy to hear that they are coming out with a vaccine in the fall for H1N1. I pray that it works good and minimizes the amount of people that get it because I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Girl Time

I had a fabulous day with some great girls! God is good!! I needed a fun social day like this. I had Suzette with her baby Kyah, Ashley with her baby Avery, Jennifer, and Lane and her son Sterling at my house today for lunch. I am friends with Suzette and Jennifer and we are bunco buddies. And I befriended Ashley when we worked together at Walmart. Suzette and Ashley have been blogging friends through out there pregnancies and had never had a chance to meet each other until today. Both of their little girls are just precious. Now Ashley and Jennifer went to school together. And Ashley and Lane are friends. And Jennifer and Lane have been blog friends but hadn't met until today. Did I totally confuse you?!!!Ha! So basically we all have connections one way or another and all finally got a chance to all meet up and have a good time.

Ashley and Suzette's girls are only a week apart!

Oh no, we better not let Sterling's daddy see this or he might ban him from our girl lunches :)
Playing with a barbie!

Kennedy and Sterling were so good today for us! We barely heard a peep out of them. They both have the most amazing blue eyes!
Here are a few pics of some lunches out with Jennifer, Suzette, and Kyah that I never got to share. We have really enjoyed getting out together. Jennifer and I are really enjoying getting to cuddle with everyone elses babies!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My blogger friend Bre at All Along Life's Path does a Thankful Thursday every week and I just love it. It really makes me feel good to read about all that she is thankful for and reminds me of all that I have to be thankful for. Reading her blog always makes me feel good! So I have wanted to start doing the Thankful Thursdays and hopefully I can keep up with it!

1. I am thankful for my sweet little Taylor who started third grade today!!! And thankful that she loves school!

2. I am thankful for the opportunity for my daughter to go to a school that prayer is a daily occurence and that supports living the Word in everything that you do.

3. I am thankful for some great friends that I had over for lunch today. (Pictures will be posted soon!) I need days like this!

4. I am thankful for my husband and father in law who are outside working up a sweat building a deck in the backyard. It's going to be awesome!

5. I am thankful that my 2 yr old will still take naps for me (most of the time) so I can have some "me" time and get to blog and stuff!

Well these were a few things that just popped up in my head and I hope that I will do this every week! I'm thankful that I am able to enjoy them because of my Lord and Savior who blessed me with this life and has blessed me to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Bre you are a blessing to have inspired me to share with others of what all I am THANKFUL for!

Fundraiser drawing winner is...

The winner for the fundraiser drawing is Robin at Life in Orange County. She won a pair of princess cut Cubic Zirconia earrings set in Sterling Silver by Silpada Designs. I will contact you later. I want to give a big thank you to everyone for all the prayers for sweet little Cooper! Please keep them up! I will give an update on him soon but it is too late right now!! Good Night!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Little Tiny Dancer

My baby girl had her very first dance class last week!! She looked so precious! She has been waiting for this day since she started walking. Everytime we took big sis to dance she didn't understand why she couldn't do it too.

To make it exciting I took to the store to get a new little ballerina outfit and to go pick out some ballet shoes. She was beaming! I didn't think we would ever get her to take the ballet shoes off.

Well on the way to dance she fell asleep in the car. Not good! She was just a little cranky when I woke her up to go in. And she just wanted Taylor to hold her. So Taylor took into class so she could see what all the other little girls were doing.

This is the face we got when Taylor left her in class to change into her ballet clothes.
I think it is so sweet, she really does love her big sis.

Well Taylor went back into the class and started demonstrating and helping the other little girls in the class so this made Kennedy want to join in. I know this picture is blury. I was taking pictures through a window and she was bouncing all around. But you can kinda see her sweet smiling face.

At the end the parents got to come in and watch a little dance they learned. It was the Chicken Dance!!! Haha! It was so cute. Her dance teacher said she wanted to send them home with something they would do at every wedding they go to. :)

I love my beautiful ballerinas!!

Here is Kennedy watching Taylor in her dance class! Now that she got the hang of it she wanted to go back in and dance more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Can't Believe Kids Actually Do This

I know I have heard about it...seen kids do it in movies...but I never dreamed that MY little girl would stick a bead up her nose!! Kids actually DO stick things in places they shouldn't. I am in shock!
Just look at this little onry face!! It's saying HEHE look what I did!!
I laid Kennedy down for a nap today. I could tell she was still awake because I could here her moving around. All of a sudden she lets out a cry full of panic. I ran to her room and she is holding her nose. I kept asking her what happened but all she would say is my nose. I had a little thought pop into my head and I asked her if she stuck something in her nose. At this point I was thinking that she stuck a Barbie foot in there or something and it just hurt and scared her. Not that something was IN there. So I look into her nose and this is what I saw in it.

A nice purple little bead!!

Now I get that panic feeling. I think the look on my face scared her more because then she started crying harder. That scared me even more thinking that she is going to suck it in farther! I ran her to my bathroom, start dumping bags trying to find my tweezers thinking I could try to grab it out. Well that didn't work so I tried to get her to blow her nose. That didn't work either so I called Daniel and told him to come home thinking I was going to have to take her to the Dr. Well as he was walking in the door I had Kennedy try one more time to see if she could blow the shiny purple thing out of her nose and this time it worked!! Wheew!

So what crazy things have you heard or witness sweet little children stick in places they shouldn't have been sticking them!?!?!?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Premium Meme 2009 Award

::: Jenny.Lee ::: awarded me with the Premium Meme 2009 Award! You should check her blog out! She has a fun personality!!

"To accept this award, the recipient must list 7 traits about themselves and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog."

1. Loving. I have so much love for others and even for people I don't know. Especially for children. There are so many children in the world without a home and I wish I could bring them all into my home. I would really love to be able to make a difference in the world. I love helping others.

2. Loyal and trustworthy. I am always here for my family and friends. The bad thing is I am not very trusting of others.

3. OCD. ( I feel you Jenny!) I drive myself crazy sometimes!! Having to check the locks over and over. Things in the fridge and pantry have to be facing forward so I can see the label. I have certain patterns I can't break. I have to do things the same amount of times. Ughhhh!

4. Patient and Practical and Calm. (This sounds funny coming after my OCD tendencies, hehe!)

5. Ambitious. I like to go all out for things I want and things I do. The problem is that it is usually a one track mindset. For example, I grew up wanting to be a Lawyer. I would still love to be one but I know that I couldn't be a great lawyer AND a great mom. I would put too much focus on one of those and I would never want to not be giving my all to my kiddos. This just makes it very hard for me to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. But that's ok, right now I enjoy my mommy job!!

6. Control Freak. I have always been very independent. I am working on this and have gotten a lot better since I got married. But it is still hard for me to depend on others. I like having CONTROL! I am just very self sufficient. I like to organize and plan and know that if I am doing it, it will be done and done the way I want.

7. Adventurous. I love trying new things! It is very thrilling. I have so many hobbies it is hard to get to do them all. I have just really realized that you can't take life for granted and that you should live everyday to the very fullest!

Thanks for the award Jenny! Now I would like to pass it along to the following bloggers...

Wordless Wednesday

My sweet baby girls exactly two years ago. WOW!! How did they grow so quickly!!