Friday, August 14, 2009

Girl Time

I had a fabulous day with some great girls! God is good!! I needed a fun social day like this. I had Suzette with her baby Kyah, Ashley with her baby Avery, Jennifer, and Lane and her son Sterling at my house today for lunch. I am friends with Suzette and Jennifer and we are bunco buddies. And I befriended Ashley when we worked together at Walmart. Suzette and Ashley have been blogging friends through out there pregnancies and had never had a chance to meet each other until today. Both of their little girls are just precious. Now Ashley and Jennifer went to school together. And Ashley and Lane are friends. And Jennifer and Lane have been blog friends but hadn't met until today. Did I totally confuse you?!!!Ha! So basically we all have connections one way or another and all finally got a chance to all meet up and have a good time.

Ashley and Suzette's girls are only a week apart!

Oh no, we better not let Sterling's daddy see this or he might ban him from our girl lunches :)
Playing with a barbie!

Kennedy and Sterling were so good today for us! We barely heard a peep out of them. They both have the most amazing blue eyes!
Here are a few pics of some lunches out with Jennifer, Suzette, and Kyah that I never got to share. We have really enjoyed getting out together. Jennifer and I are really enjoying getting to cuddle with everyone elses babies!!


  1. I had so much fun yesterday! I am so glad that God let our paths cross! I love getting to meet new friends that I share so much in common with. I can't wait to do it again!
    Kennedy is beautiful and such a sweetie for sharing her toys with Sterling! I just won't show my husband those pictures! heehee :)
    Thanks again for opening your home!

  2. Girl we have tomatoes out the wazoo!! Please let me bring you some!! Will you be home tomorrow (monday)?? I can swing some by on my way into town...seriously! :)