Thursday, August 20, 2009

I guess I am now a statistic...

...of the H1N1/Swine Flu. I have had a horribly miserable week. Kennedy and I got sick this weekend. By Monday I was so miserable I actually went to the dr I was so bad I had to have Daniel take me to the dr. For those who know me know I don't go to the dr and also know how independent I am and how hard it was to have to have someone take me to the dr. But at that point I didn't even care if I lived through the day because I was in so much pain. So we had the dr check me and Kennedy out and sure enough it was the good ole swine flu! My family doesn't get sick very often but when we decide to get sick we sure do it all out. Today is the first day that I actually feel like I might get back to normal. Thank goodness! The medicine really helped and we were fortunate that the dr gave scripts for the whole family to help Daniel and Taylor from getting it or at least lessen it a bit for them. Daniel did get a little sick but luckily had that medicine to kick it before it got too bad. Kennedy recovered quickly with the medicine as well although she had a few miserable days without it :(

I can't believe that I am actually going to show this picture. I am totally horrified by it and would be so embarrassed if anyone came by my house right now but I am showing it because it kinda makes me happy. You probably think I am crazy but to me this picture shows me how much my family needs me and how everything falls apart when mama is out of order. Good thing that doesn't happen too often. So this is just a piece of my kitchen. Can you imagine what the rest of my house looks like!?!??? So that is my way of trying to find something positive out this nightmare of a week :)

I am thankful for my sweet Taylor who was the only one not sick and had to fend for herself this week. She made her first grilled cheese all by herself this week. (With the supervision of Daniel from a distance) We didn't want to make her food because we didn't want to pass the germs to her. Well as you see I have a lot to do with my house but I think it will be just fine for a little while longer while I relax and catch up with my computer.
Here is a link with info about the swine flu from the CDC
I am happy to hear that they are coming out with a vaccine in the fall for H1N1. I pray that it works good and minimizes the amount of people that get it because I wouldn't wish it on anyone!


  1. Oh my gracious! I had no idea! I'm definitely getting Kyah the vaccine in Oct, if I can! I love the picture... I know how clean you keep your house, this is proof of how bad you must have felt! Hope you're feeling better asap!

  2. I'm so glad that you are feeling better now. I'm so sad that you've been sick- swine flu! That is crazy!!!
    I LOVE the pic of your kitchen, that is awesome. It does make you realize how much you do as a mom. Love it!

  3. Oh no! I hope you feel 100% better soon!

  4. Oh no!! That is crazy you have the swine flu in the middle of summer!! I'm glad you're starting to feel better and getting back to normal. You're right, when momma is sick nothing gets done. Kind of like that old NyQuil commercial! :) I dread having this baby in peak flu season...guess we'll be staying in for a while this fall!

  5. Oh you poor thing! Bless your heart, but thank goodness you got some drugs and are kicking it! Hopefully tomorrow you'll feel like a new person.

  6. BLESS YOUR HEART!!!!! I want to come over there and take care of you... AND I will totally clean for you anytime you need! I don't mind one bit!!!

    Hope you feel better soon sweet girl! Lots of love!

  7. Okay, so I tried to leave a comment like a 100 times! Anyway, I knew you were out of touch for a reason, I should have written to check on you. Anyway, I am glad you guys are feeling better!