Monday, August 10, 2009

My Little Tiny Dancer

My baby girl had her very first dance class last week!! She looked so precious! She has been waiting for this day since she started walking. Everytime we took big sis to dance she didn't understand why she couldn't do it too.

To make it exciting I took to the store to get a new little ballerina outfit and to go pick out some ballet shoes. She was beaming! I didn't think we would ever get her to take the ballet shoes off.

Well on the way to dance she fell asleep in the car. Not good! She was just a little cranky when I woke her up to go in. And she just wanted Taylor to hold her. So Taylor took into class so she could see what all the other little girls were doing.

This is the face we got when Taylor left her in class to change into her ballet clothes.
I think it is so sweet, she really does love her big sis.

Well Taylor went back into the class and started demonstrating and helping the other little girls in the class so this made Kennedy want to join in. I know this picture is blury. I was taking pictures through a window and she was bouncing all around. But you can kinda see her sweet smiling face.

At the end the parents got to come in and watch a little dance they learned. It was the Chicken Dance!!! Haha! It was so cute. Her dance teacher said she wanted to send them home with something they would do at every wedding they go to. :)

I love my beautiful ballerinas!!

Here is Kennedy watching Taylor in her dance class! Now that she got the hang of it she wanted to go back in and dance more.


  1. OH my goodness! She is precious! That is SO cute!

  2. How PRECIOUS!! Absolutely adorable. Sometimes I'm convinced I need a little girl!

  3. I love that they are such good friends! So cute!

  4. What a sweet little story!! It could be made into a children's book. I'm glad that Kennedy woke up enough to enjoy it!! :o)