Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The New Miss Thang!

My niece finally decided to bless me with her presence before I had to leave California. Thank goodness!! She was cutting it too close. Even though it was great getting to spend time with my sister, bil, niece, mom, and dad I just HAD to see this little thing before I left! I took this picture above with my phone when I was holding her before I left. (sniffle sniffle)

Here she is minutes after she was born. I am so thankful to my sister who let me be in the room when she delivered both my nieces. It is such a miraculous experience seeing the gift of life right before your eyes. Thank you sissy!!

Here is the proud mommy and daddy!

Me holding her for the first time!

The proud PaPa and Grandma

Big sister meeting Little sister

My last little cuddle before heading to the airport!! So sad!!


  1. what a cutie pie! Congrats on being an aunt! So glad you got to meet her before having to leave. Hope your having a great day girl! = )

  2. Oh she is just so sweet! Congrats! So, I'll have to hear the story... She was born the day you had to leave? I am SO glad you got to meet her..

  3. Aww, she is precious! So glad you were able to meet her before you left!

  4. She is so precious!!! Congratulations! :)