Monday, March 30, 2009

Figuring out this blogging thing...

Last week was the first time I tried to add pictures to a blog. I tried several times but was having problems so I just closed out of it and gave up. This morning I saw that it saved what I had been working on and said what the heck I will just post it and see what it looks like. So that is why it is a little weird looking. I am going to try to add a few more pictures now and see if I can figure this thing out. So here are a few more pictures from last week.
My girls crack me up! They love the outdoors and getting dirty but they can be sooo girly. I added the picture of Kennedy with her doll because I thought it was so cute that even when she is "camping" she still wanted to play mama and have her doll and blankie and bottle. The picture of the girls with the wood pile is them pretending they are cutting wood. They were uses smaller wood pieces as axes and kept hitting the woodpile. Taylor has been reading the Little House on the Prairie books and wanted to pretend that we were back in the day and that she was sent to cut some wood. And of course Kennedy had to play right along with her big sissy. Taylor even called Daniel and I, Ma and Pa all weekend. Too funny!
Well lets see how I did with the pictures on this post!! If any of you have any suggestions please share!!!


  1. Okay, so can anyone tell me why my pictures are first and why my paragraphs are not separated?!?!

  2. Ha, I have learned to upload the pics first and then do the writing. Maybe try to put an extra space between the paragraphs?
    I have actually been using Picasa Web from Google for my pictures and just using the html codes instead of uploading through blogger. Much faster and easier for me.

  3. Thanks Ashley!!! I will have to try that!!