Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh how I love a good deal!

Last weekend my girlfriends and I went out and hit some garage sales. There happened to be a lot of neighborhood garage sales going on including my own neighborhood. It was cold and raining but we were all child free for the day and ready for some good deals so nothing was going to stop us! And I am so glad I are some of the great finds I found.
This rug. Daniel was very happy about this because we have wanted one here but I hate making quick decisions on big purchases and keep putting it off. I got it for $5! That's what I am talking about.

Some fun decor for the house. A frame and little decorative stand. And then some Christmas and Easter decorations. I have a thing for wreaths and I got this one for Easter. It has cute little decorative eggs all over it.

Some fun scrapbooking and crafty stuff. I love to paint so I thought that I could paint these wood pieces for Kennedy's room which I am about to rearrange.
A few shirts for my hubby who has a thing for clothes. I have never seen a man with so many clothes in my life but it makes him happy.
Some adorable little clothes for both my girls
Some cute little things for my new niece. I love to buy little baby girl clothes so I am happy to have a new baby girl to buy them for : )

Here is a pile of random stuff I found. I found Taylor a whole bunch of books which I was excited about because she reads through them so quickly. We love going to Borders and picking out books together but it gets expensive.

This is my girls favorite buy. A Little Mermaid Vanity. It lights up and talks! I brought it in and cleaned it up and my girls played forever on it. They were so cute fixing each others hair and giggling away!!

I got this shelf to put in Kennedy's closet to help organize some of her stuff.

This will be my dads favorite buy! He would love nothing better then to get to golf with his little granddaughter. He bought Taylor a Barbie golf set awhile back and she has started to out grow them so I was very excited to find these that will fit her great for a few years. It will be a great starter set for her to take lessons with this summer.

My sweet husband hung these right up for me the next day.

I got this for my wonderful mother in law who has her kitchen decorated in roosters! I really like it!

This has to be my most exciting find of the day!! I have been working with someone on making window treatments for my house. But I have had a problem deciding exactly what I want to do because it is so expensive and I am so afraid of not liking what I pick out. Well I hit the jack pot when I got to this garage sale. The lady had just redecorated her house and had these custom made curtains for sale and the go great with my decor. And they were SOOOOO much cheaper then what I would have had custom made(that is such an understatement!) I got them for $30!!! For the two panels and extra fabric if needed for accent pieces like pillows. I first thought I was going to put them in my dining room but I have decided to put them in my living room. You will have to look for them in my "Show You Where I Live Friday: Living Room Edition" tomorrow!
We just got them up and I LOVE them!!!
I went out with a $100 and didn't spend it all and got all this great stuff. I think I spent about $80. I got 70 different items! It feels so good to find some great deals especially for stuff that I have been looking for!


  1. Woo hoo Danielle!!!

  2. I had so much fun!!!! We so need to do this again!! We found great some great stuff!!

  3. You hit the jackpot! Woo Hoo! : )

  4. Oh my really scored! Why on earth do we not hit up yard sales together?!? (Hubby goes with me but allows like 5.5 seconds at each one!)