Friday, September 18, 2009

My Little 3 Year Old

Princess Kennedy

My BABY turned 3 this week! ~tear, tear~ She wants to be so grown up and wants to be a big girl just like her big sister but she also loves to play "baby" and have me rock her while she is pretend crying and cooing. I just love it!

For her actual birthday we had Nana and Poppy over for dinner and had her open a few presents. They got her a princess bag full of princess shoes and a crown which she is wearing in the picture above.

Taylor got her a ballerina Barbie! She loves it and won't let go of it. I guess big sister knew just what her little sissy wanted! Taylor and I were very happy that this barbies clothes do not come off because Kennedy does not like clothes on her barbies.

Papa and Grandma got Kennedy a Dora backpack that comes with all the neccessary Dora adventure things. She has been all about Dora lately. Thanks Papa and Grandma!!
The funny thing is that my sister and her husband called to sing her happy bithday and they asked her what she did for her birthday and she had a quite the story for them. She was going on about an adventure and going to the waterfall and the cave and so on and so on. I was cracking up cause I didn't know where that story came from but then big sis came to the rescue and informed us that her and Kennedy went on a Dora adventure in out dining room and that the map that comes with the backpack had a waterfall and cave. I love their imaginations!
This weekend we are having Kennedy's birthday party with all her little friends. I can't wait! It should be lots of fun. I just hope it doesn't rain!! I will have lots of pictures to share! I order her the cutest cake from a local place called Rick's.

We went out last weekend to celebrate our friend Stacey's birthday. She is so much fun! So girly, happy, and energetic. It was fun getting out with some friends without the kiddos.

Isn't my hubby handsome! I just love him so much!! Oh yeah, did you notice I changed my hair color. I love changing it and thought it would be good to go darker with fall and winter coming up. And the hubs has been wanting me to go back dark for awhile now. I love that he gives me input on my hair and that he likes me changing it.

My sweet husband came home the other day with a bag from the Buckle for me!! I LOVE that store!! He got me this outfit. The tank, shirt, jacket, belt and necklace. He also got me another green and brown shirt that I can mix and match with all the other stuff. He did good, huh!?!! Taylor took this picture. She actually took several pictures. She wants to be a fashion designer and said that she had to capture my cool fashion by doing a photo shoot. She took several pictures...standing on a chair, crouching on the ground, different angles...and telling me how to pose. She is just too cute!

Well I hope you all are doing good! I have been a little MIA lately but hopefully that will change because I love to blog! I have a busy weekend ahead. I am taking a road trip to Broken Arrow Ok this weekend because they have a neighborhood there called Wolf Creek that has an annual MASSIVE garge sale. I am talking lose your car big! People travel from all over for this thing. I have always wanted to go and this year I am just doing it. It should be quite an experience!


  1. First of all, how awesome is it that your husband picked out and outfit and it was ACTUALLY cute!! Second, Happy Birthday Kennedy!! And third, you do have a handsome husband:)

  2. I like the hair color! After our trip Dustin talked me into going "natural" so I just cut 4" off and toned the blond down too! Fall is a great time for the change! Taylor just cracks me up that she was being a little photographer! Too cute!

  3. I can see just Taylor crouching on the ground, taking pictures! Ha, ha! She is a sweet little goose, isn't she? And your friend Stacey is GORGEOUS! I'm glad you had fun! : )

  4. Happy Birthday, Kennedy!!
    Ok, does your hubby have a brother??? LOL He's handsome and can put outfits together??? Girl, you've hit the jackpot!:) And, Taylor is a girl after my own heart!

  5. Happy Birthday Kennedy! Wish we could make it to the party! Hope she has a blast!
    LOVE the outfit...way to go hubs! :) He could teach mine a thing or two about fashion!
    HAve fun at the garage sales...jealous! Can't wait to see what you find!

  6. Happy Birthday to Kennedy! She is absolutely adorable! Props to your hubby for making such fabulous choices!!!