Monday, September 21, 2009

My Pocket Book is in Danger

Yes friends! My pocket book is being threatened once again....from a possible Starbucks addiction.
I used to be a coffee fanatic. I had to have it everyday and a lot of those days were from Starbucks. Which is a very expensive habit!

You might as well of had me hooked up to one of these!
But then all of a sudden last October I went to meet a friend at Starbucks, walked into the door and I felt very nauseous. I couldn't drink the coffee I ordered. Very weird. I tried again a couple times after that and every time I got near coffee it sent me running to the bathroom because of the smell. I just knew I had to be pregnant or something but I wasn't. So I just quit drinking it.
THEN last Friday I had this weird urge to go to Starbucks so I did. And I liked it! Oh no I was thinking. And then today I had that urge again. And now my husband is going to be thinking Oh no! I tried to remind him that I gave our good ole pocket book a break for almost a year:)
Do any of you have this addiction? Whats your fav coffee drink? My this week has been an Upside Down Carmel Macchiato!!


  1. Girl... I am so hooked to Starbucks too! Especially during this time of the year! UGG! ;(

    My fav is the pumpkin spice latte!! OMG, so good, but BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya sweetie, see ya Thur!!!

  2. I dont' like coffee but they do have yummy hot chocolate drinks!!
    See ya Thursday...twice! :)