Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling a little disconnected with the real world

I haven't felt 100% this last week and have pretty much done nothing but stay in bed. This is VERY rare for me. I can't stand feeling helpless and not being able to do anything. Usually the only thing that can stop me from my busy schedule is being stuck in a hospital bed. And that is pretty much how I have felt this last week. I have been on lots of medication, yes, you that know me know that I HATE taking ANY kind of medicine. Luckily I have a great husband that has been taking care of me and the kids and the outside of the house. Just not so much the inside of the house. It is a disaster. Actually beyond disaster. So today I have attempted to do a little cleaning. But I have been groggy and unhuman feeling for too many days now so I have decided to give up on cleaning and try to catch up with the real world and check out the news, facebook, myspace, and my friends blogs. Anything to make me feel normal.

I am going to try to do this fun 8 Things post that I got from my blogging buddy Suzette.

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Summer weather
2. Vacation- Vegas and somewhere to be determined (any good ideas for vacation spots near Vegas good for a family?!?)
3. Start of the new season of So You Think You Can Dance!!
4. One day living close to my mom again (and my dad)
5. Watching my baby girls grow up (but not too quickly!)
6. Spending forever with my wonderful husband
7. Having Girls Night with my sissy's in Vegas!
8. Seeing what all God has in store for me

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Got out of bed, it was quite a task
2. Got one kiddo ready and off to school and feed and bathed the other one
3. Attempted to work on my bible study lesson but didn't get anywhere
4. Looked at my dishes thinking I should do them because they were starting to stink and were starting to take over the kitchen but decided I didn't have the energy to do them (Another rare thing, I can't stand dishes left in the sink! I love a clean house!!)
5. Had my hubby pick me up and take me to the office with him to eat lunch and to get out of the house after being stuck in it for days (Half way there I regretted it)
6. Went to my in laws to visit and to eat some yummy food
7. Watched American Idol with my MIL....Adam rocked!!
8. Watched American Idol again half asleep in the recliner with Daniel...have to say they all did pretty good.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Take care of every child that needs to be loved and cared for
2. Paint real things (like people, animals, etc)
3. Play any instrument I pick up effortlessly
4. Travel to Africa
5. Travel anywhere and everywhere
6. Make a difference in someones life
7. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up! Ha Ha!
8. Get rid of my allergies to animals

8 Shows I Watch
1. Prison Break
2. Criminal Minds
3. CSI Las Vegas
4. American Idol
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. Gary Unmarried
7. The news
8. Hmmm, can't think of another one right now, I am more of a movie person

8 People I Tag
I don't know how to tag so whoever reads this, I tag you!

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  1. Aww, I am so sorry you are feeling so bad.. Is it allergy stuff?

    I loved reading all of your 8 things! Wohoo for Vegas!