Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Dad is Now An Old Fart

My dear sweet daddy just turned 50. The BIG 50! My parents are really young so I really enjoyed being able to razz him for once about getting so old. My dad is always trying to pay for things for me and telling me that I can pay him back in the "Old Fart Fund" for when he gets old and needs taken care of. So watch out daddy, you are an old fart. Now I get to take care of you!

My parents live in Arizona so I don't get to see them as much as I want to (which would be everyday!) My mom and I schemed up a plan for me to surprise my dad for his birthday. So my mom, Aunt Jacque, Grandma, Grandpa, Brian, and my sister Jeanenne had set it up to meet up at their fav mexican restaurant for his birthday. He just didn't know that my sister was going to be picking me up at the airport on her way there! Everyone was already there when my sister, her fiance and I walked in. My dad's face was priceless, very shocked and emotional. I love surprises!! Then he got another surprise the next day. My other sweet sister Rachelle and my sweet little niece flew in and surprised him too! Well I got to stay a few days and my mom had a big Fiesta 50th birthday party a couple days later planned with everyone. We stayed up late playing poker and rummy. Nothing beats hanging out playing cards and visiting with my family. My mom also had a brunch planned with her family before I left and it was great getting to see them too. Somehow I didn't get any pictures with any of them. I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful husband that is way too good to me and is so good about letting me take these little trips to see my family!!

Funny story. I told my sister to not worry about coming into the airport to get me and that I would just meet her outside. It took awhile to get my bags so she just had to keep circling the airport. Finally I called her and told her I was outside and to come get me. Well wouldn't you know my sister just about straight passed right by me. She didn't recognize me!!!! So here I am on the curb with all my luggage jumping up and down trying to get her attention. So she rolls down her window and very loudly yells Oh my gosh, do I know you. We most defiantly had every ones attention as she runs out of the car and we are cracking up, giggling, bouncing around, and hugging each other. My sis has one of the most bubbly fun personalities and I sure miss being around her!

My daddy, me and my mama

My grandpa and grandma

My Aunt Jacque and Dad

Brian and Jeanenne

Here is my mom and my niece Bailey. My mom found this shirt that said "Old people like me" perfect for my dads party

Me and my dad decked out in our all black. Everyone wore all black to his party!

Me and my sissys busy in the kitchen making enchilada, shredded beef burritos, chicken and rice tacos, salsa, pico, I making you hungry yet!

Aren't they a great looking couple!

My sweet Bailey playing. The poor thing was not feeling too good this trip and was being a mommy cling on making it very hard for me to get very many pictures of her. I wish she lived closer so my girls could play with her more often.


  1. Yes, you were definitely making me hungry! haha, especially since I now know how good your cooking is! :)

    I'm glad you had such a great trip!

  2. Hello there! I don't think I have seen you two since before your wedding! : ) Glad to see your family is well. Your little girl looks so much like Daniel!!! : )