Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Promised Land Zoo

I have been spending my morning downloading pictures off of my cameras. Yes that is cameras with a "s". I can't quit buying new ones! I find one with a cool feature and it sucks me right in to buying it. At least I put them all into good use. I have a problem with taking too many pictures and I can't keep up with getting them off of my camera and doing something with them.

About a month ago I woke up one Saturday morning and looked at Daniel and said I want to go to Eureka Springs. Cancel the birthday parties and wedding showers and everthing else we are supposed to do. I wanted to spend a day with just my family. So that is what we did. We hit the road and did whatever we wanted. It felt good not to have any worries and to spend it with the most important people in my life. We had lunch in Eureka and then we went exploring and driving down some neat roads.

We saw a sign for a drive thru zoo and decided to check it out. It was the Promised Land Zoo. My oldest wanted to know if it was the real Promise Land. I wish it was that close to us! Anyway the Zoo was nice. We had a great time trying to figure out what the names of all the animals were. They also have bible verses posted along the drive for you to read which we thought was neat. The best part was the petting zoo area. It was great listening to my girls giggle as the got to feed the animals.

And since we are speaking of the Promised Land. Lets think of the real Promised Land that God promised to the Israelites. I want to thank God for always keeping His promises. Wow, isn't God so faithful!! I have been studying the story of Moses in my bible study and it has truly been amazing for me. Thank you God for always showing so much grace.

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  1. What a great way to spend a Saturday! I'll bet the kids loved the zoo. We did that in Gentry in the fall & the girls thought it was great.