Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ice Sculptures

That is what we felt like on our last camping trip with our friends. But I do have to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We had been planning a camping/off roading/four wheeling trip with our friends for weeks. And when the time came we found that the weather wasn't going to be anything like what we had in mind. We were planning on going to a place in Oklahoma but when we found out that it had a chance of getting a foot of snow so we decided we needed a change of plans. (This was the afternoon before we were supposed to be leaving) So I decided going south would be a better idea. We ended up going to a place called Byrd's Adventure Center. Daniel and I had been there before and really liked it. When we got there it was sunny and mid 60's and a little windy. Unfortunately it didn't stay like!! The first night it dropped into the 30's and the second night it dropped in the 20's!!!! It rained and rained and rained all the first night and second day. And it was freezing and windy. We had a severe winter weather warning and a tornado watch and a wind advisory BUT we had such a great time!! Seriously! We off roaded out little hearts out and ate some of the most amazing food ever! Our last day ended up being a really nice sunny day so we were able to play around on the four wheelers. We have such great and fun friends! I am looking forward to the warm weather so we can get out more.

Our Campsite
Cody, Rich, and Daniel

Me and my handsome hubby

My pyro husband that thinks the only way to start a fire is by using a can of lighter fluid!!

We went on our exciting night run. Something about off roading in the dark brings it to a whole new level of excitement. This is a picture of us when we got stuck on a boulder on a climb. It is hard to tell because it is dark but there is a huge drop off next to it and because of all the mud it was very hard to get out of.

Daniel and I on one of the four wheelers

Josh and Jafur joined us for a little fun one of the days. We couldn't get them to camp out. That is Josh's Tacoma and Tommy in his Range Rover.

April, Me, and Olivia with Josh in the background. Ha ha, he is a goof!

This is our Land Cruiser going up one of the Red trails. Red is the hardest! Gotta love the caution tape hanging on the tree.

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